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Middle Word Hacks and cheats

Middle Word

Middle Word Hacks and cheats
Is that word on the tip of your finger? Then prove it with Middle Word!

Ideal for younger audiences and those learning a new language, Middle Word is a fresh take on classic word puzzles. In Middle Word, you must fill in the blank spaces in the vertical column to complete the missing words in the horizontal rows. Complete all the words successfully and the MIDDLE WORD shall be revealed!

Who is MIDDLE WORD APP perfect for?
- ADULTS looking for a fun tool to assist in learning a NEW LANGUAGE.
- Young and old alike looking to sharpen their SPELLING SKILLS.
- ANYONE seeking a SIMPLE, EASY, and FUN diversion to fill a few minutes – or a few seconds – yes, you may be that good!

- PICK-UP and PLAY fun word puzzle. No learning curve!
- Play offline – no Internet connection required.
- Word puzzles are displayed against an attractive blue or green colorful background. You choose the backdrop!
- LETTERS and WORDS are easy-to-read.
- GRAPHICS pleasing on the eyes!
- Select accompanying SOUND EFFECTS or play in SILENCE – your choice!
- 6 LANGUAGE OPTIONS: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch!
- Enjoy up to ONE MILLION Middle Word puzzles per language!
- Race against the stopwatch. Try to beat your previous times!
- Earn accolades through our star-rating system.
- Suitable for Android phones or high-def tablets.
- 100% FREE TO PLAY!

If you are a word lover, or a fan of crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, and other wordgames – you’ve found your next addiction in MIDDLE WORD.
Whether you enjoy word puzzles for entertainment or are looking for an instructional tool in your studies, Middle Word is the alphabet soup of wordgames.
And best of all – you don’t have to be a word wizard to excel at this free Middle Word app!

- Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to identify the Middle Word.
- Each level will have several words from top to bottom missing ONE LETTER smack-dab in the middle of the word.
- Get started filling in those blank spaces, completing each horizontal word.
- Once all of the horizontal words are complete, the Middle Word is displayed.
- After you complete a couple of the horizontal words, the Middle Word may be obvious to you. Try your luck and complete the middle word before completing the horizontal words.
- Don’t let that stopwatch overhead get to you. Each puzzle may take only seconds to complete. Once your skills improve, try to beat your previous time!


Once you download the free Middle Word app, you have instant access to one million puzzles in six different languages.
What does this mean for you?
- No need to sign onto an Internet connection to play.
- No waiting while the word puzzles load on your device.
- No need to pay more $$$ to have additional puzzles activated.

There are SO MANY word puzzles available in Middle Word; you can occupy yourself for SIX MONTHS STRAIGHT – that’s right. If you don’t eat, sleep, or do anything but play MIDDLE WORD for SIX MONTHS morning, day, and night you’re good – Middle Word app will provide that much word crazy amusement.
Of course, we don’t recommend this – doing so may make you go cross-eyed, and a bit crazy...

Teachers and language instructors have seen the value in word searches, word scrambles, and word puzzles for years. The very act of brainstorming to find or form missing words builds connections and vocabulary in younger minds. This language practice also fosters intuitive knowledge and confidence in new language learners. Middle Word is simple and fun. Each puzzle often demands less than one minute to complete. Due to this app’s simplicity, it is best suited for younger audiences and language learners.

Get your brain synapses firing on all cylinders to fill in the missing letters and create the Middle Word!

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