Monday, 3 October 2016

Cheats AseDS (NDS.EMU)


Cheats AseDS (NDS.EMU)
AseDS is a free Nintendo(DS) game emulator that lets you play your favorite (DS) games on any Android device.
AseDS is the best (DS) game emulator on Nintendo(DS) system.

- Emulates dual touchscreen interface
- Save and load game at any time
- GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheats
- Supports wireless controllers and device microphone
- Custom button layouts and key bindings
- Auto-rotate landscape or portrait orientation
- Stretch to fit screen or original aspect ratio
- Automatic frame skipping and flicker reduction

- Transfer ROMs to your device storage
- ROM file names should end in either .rom, .ds, or .zip
- ROMs must be obtained in a legal manner.
- Open AseDS Emulator
- Press the menu button on your device
- Choose "File Browser" in the popup menu
- Browse to folder containing your ROM files
- Select game to begin playing

Download Link : Link

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